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Give Me Paw! 7 March 08

Posted by turtlemom3 in Pawing, Training.
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For some tasks, some dogs may prefer to use their paw rather than their nose. Obviously, for many nudging tasks, only the nose or muzzle will do. And for some tasks, only the paw will do. Where the dog has a choice, the dog’s preference is taken into account.

  • Shut a cupboard door with one paw
  • Shut one of the drawers (on easy slides) with one paw; if the drawer is a higher drawer, lift up to use both forepaws
  • Shut the dryer door with one paw – once we get a side-closing dryer! With a drop-down door, he’ll have to use his muzzle to lift it, then a paw to close it tightly
  • Close refrigerator & freezer door with one forepaw or with both
  • Call 911 on K-9 rescue phone by hitting the button with one paw
  • Operate a light switch on wall by jumping up and pawing the switch
  • Depress a floor pedal device to turn on appliance(s) or lamp
  • Jump up to paw elevator button [need to steady dog if he tries it on slippery tile floor]
  • Operate push plate on electric commercial doors
  • Close a heavy front door or other doors by jumping up and using both forepaws

Each of these tasks will be a major help for me! My hands and wrists are more and more sore and less able to do any of these things comfortably. With RA, pain on doing a task usually means joint destruction is occurring, so that task must be changed to reduce the pain. Pain is actually my friend – it lets me know about my joint destruction, and helps me find new ways to do things that don’t hurt and aren’t going to increase joint destruction. One of the ways will be using the Woof.

Now, if I could just teach the Woof to type for me . . .