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He’s a Nudger! 4 March 08

Posted by turtlemom3 in Nudging, Support PAALS, Training.

Nudging is a nose task. Aubrey, one of PAALS’ pups-in-training, is learning to nudge to turn on a light switch:

Aubrey Learns to Nudge
Aubry is NOT going to be my Woof, but is one
of the puppies-in-training at PAALS

This is an important task. Not only is it important to turning light switches on and off but think about all the other things nudging can be involved with:

  • Nudging cupboard door or drawers shut
  • A hard nudge to shut the dryer door
  • A hard nudge to push shut a stove drawer closed
  • Put muzzle under the open dishwasher door and flip it shut; hard nudge to close it
  • Close the refrigerator & freezer doors with a nudge
  • Call 911 on K-9 rescue phone by pushing the button with a nudge
A K-9 Emergency Phone
  • Operate the button or push plate on electric commercial doors
  • Turn on light switches – as Aubrey is learning to do in the photo at the top of the page!
  • Push floor pedal device to turn on lamp
  • Turn on metal based lamps with touch-lamp device installed – nudge base of lamp
  • Assist wheelchair user to regain sitting position if slumped over by putting muzzle under the partner’s shoulder or chest and pressing upward
  • Help put paralyzed arm back onto the armrest of wheelchair by putting muzzle under the partner’s arm and moving it back onto the armrest
  • Return paralyzed foot to the foot board of a wheelchair if it is dislodged

These are only a few of the many tasks that may involve nudging. Obviously, I won’t require all of these! The ones I’m interested in are in bold blue.

For me, when that alarm goes off in the mornings, I don’t need a nudge to get up, but after I’ve made coffee and taken Himself’s first cup back to him, it would be good for Woof to learn to go back and nudge him on command for me to help me get him up! That sleep disorder of his has been simply a fact of life for us for 30+ years, but a bit of help in the mornings would be wonderful!! Send the Woof back to nudge him, then wait about 10 minutes, then send Woof back to nudge him again!! Boy! think of all the trips that would save me! And my back and my knees and my voice from yelling across the house when my back and knees don’t work!

How about nudging the track of the stair lift? The stair lift is a piece of equipment without which I cannot live in this house! This is an “upside-down ranch.” The garage is below, we live above. To enter the house, people climb a beautiful curved brick stair with a wrought-iron railing. I don’t. I have to go in through the garage and the basement and up the stairlift. Now, in order to get all the way to the floor, the track has to fold down. It takes up space on the floor, so it folds back up. But if I’m on the chair, trying to go up, I can’t lift the dratted track up, can I? There isn’t a method for doing that. Himself and I have had many conversations about ropes and chains and other B&S equipment {wicked, wicked grin} for making it possible for me to raise the track on my way back up the stairs. Nothing has come of these discussions, so far, except a bunch of muttered imprecations as Himself trips over the track. Perhaps Woof nudging the track up will provide The Answer to this problem which is becoming more and more Major.

Chair comes down and touches track
Stairlift has come down the track and now
rests against the bottom part of the
track which is in the “up” position.
I can push it down with my cane with
no problem at this point in time.
The track is down
The track is in the “down” position.
From sitting in the chair, however,
I cannot raise it back up.
As you can see, it is a tripping
hazard for the Ol’ Curmudgeon!
From the other side
From this side, you can see the
Woof could put his muzzle under
the track and nudge it upward.
There is a “spring load” in it that
makes it very easy to raise –
it just doesn’t spring up

Then there is the medicine chest. Not the little mirrored cabinet over the sink in the bathroom. A 4-drawer plastic wheeled Iris chest I bought from Office Depot that barely contains all the medications we have to take now that we have to get them 3 months at a time from “Don’t-Caremark” (plus all the vitamins and supplements). I keep it in the living room. Himself wheels it to my chair twice a day, and I push it back with my cane when I’m through dispensing our 18 pills apiece. It would nice if Woof learns to nudge that little wheeled chest back into place!Lots of nudging will be going on here at Haus von Riggs! Please support PAALS so my Woof can come soon!!