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About Me!

The Turtlemom - Waiting for my Woof!

Me – waiting!

I may be old and fat and semi-disabled, but I’m basically a “happy-camper,” who, according to the daughter-person is “sooooo easily amused!”

I enjoy life, I enjoy people, I enjoy laughter. I enjoy “doing,” but am coming to grips with the fact that I just can’t “do” the things I used to be able to do.

My other blogs HERE, HERE, and HERE show the other areas of my life. This one will focus solely on the Wait for the Woof – my helper and companion who will help me in nearly all aspects of my life, who will love me even more unconditionally than my dear Ol’ Curmudgeon does, and whom I will love just as unconditionally.

NOTE: This Blog is a natural product made from 100% recycled electrons. The slight variations in spelling and grammar enhance its individual character and beauty and in no way are to be considered flaws or defects.



1. Marie-Duquette on Monachos; Shestelle, on soundlesskey@yahoo.com - 4 January 08

Peace Elizabeth,

May this New Year which seems to started in the “waiting mode” , that is waiting for “woof”

Wish I had a “woof” sometimes, being vision impaired. Difficult to navigate on certain web sites because of the difficulty of getting “LARGER PRINT FONTS”

I saw your message on MONACHOS.net in the Saints thread initiated by Nina.. In the past I remember reading a few of your posts on Monachos. As I read your profile today, and a little of your blogs, here I find myself, seeing you, not as an old woman. Christ’s Peace.

I liked your first blog: LARGE PRINT! easy to read.

Just a word on this January 4th, 2008: Christ is born, glorify Him!

Hope to hear from you.

SHESTELLE( Marie-Duquette)

2. turtlemom3 - 4 January 08

Hello Marie –
Glad to see someone is reading this blog!

I have a friend with Macular Degeneration that has stopped its progress, but left him with greatly impaired vision. He works in computers(!) He has several “fixes” for the print size problem.

First, he uses Firefox which will increase print size incredibly. For things Firefox can’t increase large enough for him, he will copy-paste into a word processor (like wordpad) and then increase the size as large as it will make it. If he still has some font size problems or a program that doesn’t respond to the prior two solutions, he has a program, called ZoomText, that simply increases the font size on the screen until it is ridiculous! http://www.aisquared.com/index.cfm

I’ll send this to you via e-mail as well as post here.

Christ is Risen!

Love in Christ,

3. Viki - 15 March 08

I used to raise puppies for Southeastern Guide Dogs in Palmetto Florida — if anyone needs a guide dog go to their web site http://www.guidedogs.org and put in an application — won’t help you with surfing the web but will improve your freedom and mobility greatly. You can apply when you are legally blind — and it is easier to learn to trust your dog (or woof!) The dogs, harness and your training are totally free — the training is about a month long but they have great food in the cafeteria and nice beds in the dorms (2 to a room) Your only cost is travel to get there but sometimes your local Lions club will help you with that.

4. turtlemom3 - 15 March 08

Thanks for that information!! Now I have something definite to tell people who may ask me about guide dogs for the blind! My friend Heather just came back from California where she trained with her second guide dog. Her first one she had for nearly 12 years, and he was wonderful with her. I can hardly wait to meet this one! Now I can tell her about the Florida program for when she needs her third one in another 12 years or so!

5. Service Dog Sawyer - 4 June 08

Hi there,

I ran across your blog on the Hearing Elmo site!

Good luck in your wait for your Woof!

Your pal,
Service Dog Sawyer

6. Waiting for the Woof « Hearing Elmo - 23 June 08

[…] Obviously, I have an interest in service dogs and matches between canine/people partners.  I met Elizabeth online through our blogs.  She has a great blog called “Waiting for the Woof“.  She […]

7. Viki - 29 August 08

This is Viki again. I thought I would tell you that I no longer am able to puppy raise for Southeastern Guide Dogs, Inc (SEGDI) since I am now disabled and have my own service dog, Patches. She came to me partially trained by Florida Service Dogs (I taught her finally to retrieve)…she is half Anatolian Shepherd/half Great Pyrenees. That equals HUGE! SMILES!! But I am a big lady and need her to help me walk so she needs to be big enough to counterbalance my drunken stumblings. I don’t drink, but have no balance so it looks pretty much the same. Patches is my angel. Before her I was falling an average of 4 times a day. Since she came to me 4 1/2 years ago, she hasn’t let me fall once! When she turned 5 I found a Great Pyr puppy to begin training as her replacement. I figured I can do all of the training EXCEPT the medical alert part that Patches has gotten me so accustomed to. She knows about 5 – 10 minutes before my legs go numb from neuralgia so that I can sit instead of fall. Hannah, her trainee, has begun to mimic her when she alerts me which gives me hopes that she understands what Patches knows. I won’t know for some time though.

Florida Service Dogs also doesn’t charge for their dogs or training…so anyone interested in getting a dog from them can go throuh the application process…contact Carol Christopherson, president, at: buddynme@tmail.com. She is deaf and has a hearing dog herself, so email is the easiest way to contact her.

Blessings! Viki, Patches and Hannah

8. Earl Kauffman - 12 January 09

I read with interest your expericences especially with service dogs. Also in the heart of Pennsylvania we’ve developed the GoPet Dog Powered exercise product line for caninies up to 22″ shoulder height and supply the low-profile PetRun treadmills for Toys up to the 285 lb big guys, fyi. You can find all that at http://www.gopetusa.com.

Keep up the interesting blog and say hello if you get a chance.

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