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Companionship 2 August 08

Posted by turtlemom3 in Service Dogs.

I haven’t mentioned companionship very much. I’ve mainly been working on presenting all the “things” an assistance dog can “do” for his partner.

Yes, companionship is a big part of the bond and the relationship. I will be under much less stress when “Woof” is here and the Ol’ Curmudgeon has to go out of town. Not because Woof would protect me. Service dogs are not trained to attack or to protect. But rather just because there will be “someone else” here with me. And Magnus the Magnifi-cat just doesn’t quite qualify in that regard. Half the time he is sleeping in a drawer or in a box somewhere. But Woof will be beside me. Yes, that’s it. Woof will be beside me. My companion, my friend, my helper, my assistant, my happy-camper, my anti-depressant – all in one.

I hope my Woof is here soon so I can put pictures of it in the Blog! I’m sure it will be gorgeous, and friendly, and have beautiful eyes and soft ears. This is going to be a wonderful thing!

There will be someone to go places with me! Someone to exercise with me, and encourage me to exercise – even on bad days. Someone to accompany me to the store and to the beauty parlor. Someone to keep my feet warm!!

= = = = =

[NOTE: Waiting for the Woof ended 10/2/08. Living with the Woof picks up with the addition of Emmy to our lives! Please join me at: Living With the Woof for the ongoing saga of the Woof! Our adventures and our foibles will be chronicled there.]



1. Suzanne - 4 August 08

Yes, a good dog is a rare companion. My dog, Suky, died over a year ago and I still miss her. We would take walks together, investigate “wild critter” sounds up in my poultry yard at night together, and just plain be together sometimes. Even if your service dog is not trained to protect, you can still be forewarned when you are alone just by watching him/her. I’m sure that he/she will still pick up his/her ears and look in the direction of a strange sound, which will be your warning that something is out of the ordinary.

I sure do hope your doggy comes “home” soon. I know you are getting mighty tired of “learning patience” in this. I commend your perseverance during this “learning time.”

2. turtlemom3 - 4 August 08

I’m waiting and praying and praying and waiting…

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