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A Bit of a Whine 22 July 08

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I need to raise money for my service dog. So far, I had a good start, but seem to have stalled.

The local business and charities are not very interested. One of them said, bluntly, that if I were a “cute kid” instead of a “fat grandma,” it would be easier to get people interested. Great! Well, I can’t can’t shave off years, wrinkles or pounds at this point.

My church is struggling with a major building fund problem, and can’t divert funds to me at this point. Other churches in the area are focused their members’ needs. In this time of great financial problems, each charitable organization is really looking at their own constituents rather than at a “stranger.”

I attempted a web-based fundraiser, but when I didn’t meet my goal in the 1-month provided, all funds were returned to the donors and the fundraiser collapsed. {{sigh}}

I wrote to my city council asking for time at a council meeting to talk about service dogs and have had no response. {{double sigh}} I feel stymied at every turn at the moment.

My faith in God is not shaken, however. His timing is not ours, and I’m sure my Woof will be coming to me  soon. I’ll just have to figure out and develop new tool, tactics and strategies. But at the moment my mind is a blank and I’m feeling a bit hopeless.

If anyone has any ideas, I surely could use some!! Woof is waiting, and I am just turning around and around in place trying to think of some way to get there!

Me on my stairlift

Me on my stairlift

In the meantime, please don’t forget PAALS! If you to to the link and scroll down, you will see the above picture of me! My bio page is coming soon, but you can support me directly, now, by clicking on the PayPal link under my picture on the PAALS support page!

As always, thank you for your support – not just of me, but of PAALS! They are a fabulous organization. Eventually they want to add other, well-trained, animals to their repertoire of assistants. Equine therapy, Simian assistants, Therapy dogs and cats. But they must grow and prosper.



1. hearingelmo - 22 July 08

Different organizations match clients and dogs in different ways. I think PAALS is a great organization, but it could be in the financial and economic climate that all of our communities is in right now, PAALS is not the right choice “for such a time as this”?

There are other great organizations that have a different sort of criteria in the way that they match. Canine Companions for Independence is one that comes to mind immediately. Their criteria is to travel to them for 2 weeks and stay in their dorms as you train and then are matched with a partner. They have follow-up support, etc. To my knowledge they don’t require that the person come up with funds.

I’m not saying PAALS is doing it wrong… so please understand I am only saying that there are other options out there. I think everyone’s churches, communities, and charities are in “crunch time” right now. Looking for help from some other avenues doesn’t mean you no longer support PAALS. Just my 2 cents!

2. Tryna Merrriman - 22 July 08

I am a three time graduate of CCI and highly recommend their services. My name is Tryna Merriman and I live in Missoula Montana. I am a blogger myself and I recently did a blogsearch for servicedogs (CCI and otherwise) and ran across your blog. I am a fellow believer and your struggle just may mean that God hasn’t finished with the right dog for You. Keep the faith.
Blessings, and I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

3. turtlemom3 - 23 July 08

Hi Denise –
I hear you – however I feel a really strong commitment to PAALS. They responded to me when no one else did, and have supported me in my attempts to do all that I need to do in terms of hoop-jumping. I’m not giving up on them. It’s the economic climate, I’m thinking. And I truly believe God will help me at the right time and in the right way. It’s just that every once in a while I seem to need to let down and whine a little – thanks for being willing to listen and problem-solve with me! 🙂

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