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LETTER FROM AUBREY, PAALS Service Dog in Training 13 July 08

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Dear Friends of PAALS,

Well I think I know what it’s like to be a rock star, as you humans say!  I went to visit a boy who might be my forever friend and service human partner.  His nickname is Smith and his family hosted a swimathon to help raise money for PAALS.  I took a long car ride with some of my other PAALS to Charleston this month so I could show my support.

There were fun kids everywhere at the Hobcaw Yacht Club pool and they all knew my name!  I love the water so my trainers helped me by having me practice staying on a mat that we call “place” near the pool.  I did GREAT if I do say so myself.  Seems like all my hard work is paying off.  Except I don’t know why they wouldn’t let me eat all the great food that people dropped around the buffet table.  It was all going to waste!  Bread is my favorite, but I wanted to show everyone how good I could be so I laid under the dinner table while my new friend Smith sat to eat.

I got to stay overnight at my old fosters’ house, Mike and Peggy, and to see my puppy foster, Leanne.  I played with my old friend, Gus, and even went for a run in my old neighborhood.  Then, I met another dog I might live with at Smith’s house, Harry.  He’s small and cute!  I jumped on the trampoline with Smith’s mom – wow, that was wild!  Then I got to practice my training in Smith’s playroom.  I “hugged” him and let him lay on my belly.  I think we are going to be great friends, but first I need to get ready for, DogGone Days of Summer Camp from July 21st-August 8th.

Guess what?  I was on TV.  See I told you I am a rock star as ABC in Charleston interviewed us for a feature story.  I hope this will help raise the rest of my training costs as we still have about  $15,000 left.  But, I figure if a group of kids I had never met before could raise $8,000 maybe someone reading this will come up with another great way to help!  Can’t wait to get back to Charleston and get to work!

Yours in Service,




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