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Still Waiting . . . 1 July 08

Posted by turtlemom3 in Uncategorized.

And time is running out on my little fund raising effort. I think I set my goal too high. Should have set it much, much lower. So I will end up with ***NOTHING***. That’s the way Fundable works. If you don’t meet your goal, you don’t get anything. I’d have to dump in all the matching funds myself, then pay myself back before sending the remainder on to PAALS. And I obviously don’t have the spare cash to do that! I should have set it about $1200 lower. Everyone’s payments will be refunded.

This is very frustrating. Only 5 days to go on it. I’ll have to send out more e-mails – and I hate begging people for money!! Yuck! Well, gotta do it. Just hope enough comes in that I can make up the remainder myself.



1. hearingelmo - 1 July 08


I don’t envy you this task. It certainly makes me doubly thankful to be living where I do as I have access to an organization that “matches” much differently.

I know PAALS is a super organization, and it’s the “way” they do business! I know that “asking for donations” is not easy, however! I’ll say some extra heart-felt prayers that you are able to raise the money before your deadline!


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