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Pell City Resident Training Her Own Service Dog 24 April 08

Posted by turtlemom3 in Disability, Service Dogs, Training.

There is a great article in the Daily Home Online about a women with mobility problems who is training her own service dog. I personally would not attempt it – I’m not of the right temperament and don’t have the right background. But this gal has both. She has worked with dogs – training police dogs in the past – and other animals in the past. She has the knowledge and the temperament needed.

This is a great story. And I recommend it to all of you. If you are interested in training your own service dog, I urge you to go slowly!! Study, read up on it, learn about dog training in general. Be honest with yourself. Are you patient enough? Do you understand the ways dogs learn? Can you train without becoming angry and physically retaliating against the dog? Are there good resources reasonably near you to help you with the training if you hit a snag?

These are just a few of the many questions you should investigate and answer before you get started training your own service dog. We thought about this very seriously before deciding that it was beyond us at this point  in our lives.

Resources? I knew you’d ask! And you just knew I’d have some, didn’t you?

  1. Train Your Own Dog
  2. International Association of Assistance Dog Partners (IAADP)
  3. Stuff You Might Need to Train a Handler-Trained Service Dog
  4. Assistance Dogs International, Inc

Those 4 references, plus all the links you can reach from them should be more than enough to get started!!



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